Quarter 4 Benchmark Checklist

All of the benchmarks within this checklist must be completed at a satisfactory (M--for Met or E--for Exceed) level before the end of the quarter for a student to receive a grade.  If any are marked incomplete than they will receive a grade of I (incomplete) for their quarterly grade.
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Unit 1:  Current issues of Pacific Island Nation

What you will be doing for this unit is to learn about common problems that the Pacific Island Nations currently face.  Then you will determine which of these problems your Pacific Island Nation struggles with.  Finally you will choose one of these issues to write a problem and solution essay.

Current Issues List

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Note Taking Sheets for Problem and Solution Essay

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Web Resources for Problem and Solution Essay

Resources for Problem and Solution Essay

Additional Resources

Drinking Water (General)

Drinking water (Berkley Study)

Drinking Water

Reef (General)

Degradation (Pandol)

Overfishing (General)


Green Peace

Unit #2 Pacific Island Governments

For this unit of study you will learn about all of the different types governments located in the Pacific Islands.  You will discover how and why they were formed, be able to compare and contrast, and make a decision as to which type of best fits each nation.  Finally, you will be able to understand what happened to the Polynesian culture and the meaning of the quote below.
“ If a big wave comes, large and unfamiliar fish will come from the dark ocean, and when they see the fishes of the shallows they will eat them up”

                                                                               -David Malo

Types of Governments in the Pacific: Definitions

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Formative Assessments (Blue)

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Summative Assessment

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United Nations Core Treaties