Course overview:
       This class is a very unique social studies class because tthe cultures you will be learning about are not going to be in some remote part of the world (a place that you will probably never see) but instead the people you will be learning about in this class surround you and you will be able to connect what you have learned to your everyday life.  So when you have visitors in town and you are taking them around the island you will be able to understand and explain to them why the monuments and places you visit are so important to the local Hawaiian people.

Semester Breakdown ---7th grade social studies is divided into two semesters. 
  • First Semester--Hawaiian History:  You will learn all about the islands of Hawaii.  From the rise of Kamehameha and the Unification of the Islands to the Overthrow of the Hawaiian Islands under the reign of Queen Liliuokalani. 
  • Second Semester--Polynesian Studies: You will learn about all of the different Polyensian Islands in the Pacific.  You will become an expert on one islands and do various projects on it throughout the semester.
        First and formeost my class is project based.  You will not be taking any major tests in Social Studies this school year.  Hold the celebration.  Instead of tests you will be assigned projects for each unit of study.  These projects will be your summative assessment (task to complete with your tools).  These projects will combine all of the learning that you have done along the way into one single project.  The learning that you do allong the way are your formative assessments (tools).  If you did not bother to do a good job on these then your project will be nearly impossible to complete because you will be missing a valuable tool.

Important Grading Policies:
  • You Must Pass Both Semesters to Pass Seventh Grade:  Yes you heard that corectly, if you fail the first semester you have to repeat seventh grade--even if you get an "A" in the second semester.  You will earn a half a credit for each semester and if you don't pass the first semester you will be half a credit short of moving on to the eight grade!
  • All Projects Must Be Completed and receive a Passing Grade:  If you decide that you are not going to complete a project you will not receive a grade for social studies class.  YOU MUST DO AND COMPLETE ALL OF YOUR WORK AT A QUALITY LEVEL TO RECEIVE A GRADE!
  • All Projects Turned in Must Be of Quality:  Every project that you turn in must first pass a qualtity checklist in order to be graded.  If it does not conform to the quality standard then it won't even be graded.
  • Parents Must Sign off and Explain why each Project is a Quality Piece:  One of the steps in each quality checklist is parent approval of the project.  For each project you must have a parent sign and explain why they think that your project meets the quality expectations required.